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Fancy Pants Digital Design places a large emphasis on search engine optimisation (SEO). In fact so much that all of our websites and web design packages come standard, with advanced SEO integration.

What is Search engine optimisation SEO?

SEO refers to the processes used to refine your website to give it the best chance in appearing high in search engines. Even simpler, SEO gets you closer to being on the front page of search engines like Google.

Why is SEO important?

Around 95% of online purchases are made to businesses that appear on the first page of Google. It is a good place to be, and is a very valuable advertising tool, hence why we place so much emphasis on it! As a user, most people tend to stick to the first couple of pages of Google searches and the simple fact is that if you are not on these pages, you more likely to be missed.

Can SEO be applied to all websites?

SEO can be applied to all websites to some degree. Importantly, Fancy Pants CMS websites and eCommerce Websites are specifically designed for advanced SEO techniques, to give you the very best chance in ranking high in search engines. We have developed an advanced checklist for every page of your website that has proven to drive your website higher in search results.

Coincidence you found us?

We don’t leave things to chance. More likely than not you found us because of our high ranking on Google. We provide High quality, effective SEO solutions, by analysing how Search Engines interact with your website. As the most affordable provider of SEO in Cairns, enquire today to find out how to get your business noticed.

SEO is so important in driving traffic to your website. Without it, the only people who will find you, already knew you were there.

Case Study –

Bonsai Supplies Australia

Bonsai Warehouse is Australia’s Leading online Bonsai Supplies Store, sourcing high Bonsai Tools from all over Asia, including OSUKA Bonsai Tools, made from High Quality Stainless Steel imported from Japan. They offer FREE SHIPPING TO Australia and New Zealand for all of their bonsai tools and supplies, and also ship bonsai trees for FREE to eligible Australian states. Bonsai Warehouse uses a great mix of Social Media Marketing, and on Page SEO techniques to help them drive business from all over Oceania. So much so that is now the fastest growing Bonsai Supplies store in the world. Creating quality and engaging content helps keep their customers on page for longer, a very important factor in improving your Google rank. Their Page load times are fast and the website is mobile friendly, which are also becoming increasingly more important to rank well. So if you are interested in Bonsai related products, why not jump over and take a look.

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